No large event is possible without the assistance of our volunteers. People that love to see our sport, Beach Ultimate, grow. People that will work as hard as they play. If you are one of these people, we want you!

Volunteer Positions

Volunteers at Wildwood25 perform many essential functions for the tournament, including but not limited to the following:

Setting up ultimate fields:  *Requires construction-like experience. We line every single one of our playing fields, which requires a sense of dimension and relative area, ability to drive hundreds of tent-pegs into the sand, working in teams of 2 or more. (Friday morning)

Checking in teams at registration:  assembling registration packets, welcoming teams, processing paperwork, answering tournament questions, etc. (Friday evening)
(*Requires a laptop computer(not a tablet), tethered cellphone for internet connections, comfortable with MS Excel, able to work in a hectic environment, LOVE helping people, can grasp new ideas quickly)

Setting up tournament central:    setting up tents and garbage cans (fri&Sat), unloading the tournament trucks (*Sat/Sun am. - food, water, ice), setting up water stations, etc. (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Distributing tournament snacks:   checking punch-cards, distributing fruit, mixing powdered beverages, etc. (Saturday and Sunday)

Collecting scores: and delivering them to the main scorekeepers, updating the tournament brackets to reflect which fields teams are playing on each round (Saturday and Sunday)

Cleaning up during/after tournament: gathering trash (*need this all the time!), picking up fields (*Sun Only), packing gear, loading the tournament trucks (overnight & to depart), collecting lost and found, picking up, etc. (Saturday and Sunday)

Volunteer Benefits

Special edition Wildwood Volunteer shirt. (Guaranteed only for volunteers who register by July 4th; later registrations will receive some kind of tourney merchandise, but it may be an undesirable size or, if we run out, not an official staff jersey.)

Wildwood disc

Player and volunteer tourney snacks throughout the day

We'll feed you lunch while you are with us (if your shift is during lunchtime hours)

Fun! A chance to see some amazing Ultimate and hang out with people from around the globe

Behind the ropes access to the party (21+) & and great games on the field.

We'll give you the opportunity to meet new people and make great new friends.

We'll give you the opportunity to make amazing memories at the world's largest ultimate tournament!

Volunteer Duties

A positive attitude and a willingness to work 5-6 hours a day, or longer, depending on total numbers of volunteers.
A basic understanding of the game regarding score & time keeping and how to manage the timed game system

A willingness to be in the heat/rain helping out, keeping score, being a gopher, hauling gear, cleaning up and supporting all the players and teams while you're on the beach.

A finally, a strong desire to have fun, play games and party like you love what we are.